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Discover and enjoy Central Europe by helping young kids and teens to learn English

Explore, Connect, Learn, Inspire. Grow. Nativesworld.

Get Inspiring Connections

You will mentor and empower young people from around Poland as a member of an international team.

Get Free Accommodation

Stay in a beautiful countryside hotel and enjoy 3 delicious meals per day!

Get Teaching Experience

Experience first-hand what it’s like to teach with a diverse group of kids and teenagers.

Get Unforgettable Memories

Meet fantastic new people from around the world and make a difference in young people’s lives
About NativesWorld

Nativesworld is a fascinating and rewarding language cultural exchange between native speakers of English, Spanish and German with Polish teenagers and young kids. As a volunteer you will stay with us at one of our lovely venues in Poland anywhere between 1-4 weeks and be part of an incredible summer camp learning journey. You will help the students with conversation and be part of fun summer camp activities. We will provide full room and board and the time you spend with us will be fulfilling and memorable. So apply today!


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Additional language at NativesWorld
Programme Details

Typically, a volunteer who joins us will spend 1-2 weeks with us. Depending on your preference and motivation you may wish to stay longer, but this is up to the individual. Each Nativesworld experience is all about conversing, connecting with kids through engaging and meaningful chats and stories. Generally our participants on the camps will talk on average for around 70 hours a week. At Nativesworld we believe in the power of conversation, and our mission is to connect young people to thee world. So we do not expect you to teach through coursebooks, but we may have sessions where some of our teachers my run some teaching groups. We  provide all materials for you, but this should be an aid to kick off more diverse conversation. Though sometimes daunting, the experience will leave you with an amazing sense of achievement as you connect.

The topics can be about anything you like, and we encourage that you focus on helping the young students explore new vocabulary and confidence. We have beautiful locations where everyone will be inspired by nature. You can enjoy a walk and use the landscape as the setting for a great discussion!

Each Nativesworld venue offers various amenities. Discovering each venue and being connected to lovely surrounds is what makes your stay with is so fun and interesting. 

Every day you will have a fantastic opportunity to engage and speak with kids and teens in English. Our camps are packed with activities, games, meeting new people and fun! Our core value rests in conversation, so you will not be expected to teach grammar or use textbooks. It’s all about living and immersing in real English!

Typical Day Plan

08:30 - 09:00Motivation Session

We begin the day outside with some positive energy, light activity and even some music!

09:00 - 10:00Breakfast

A delicious breakfast, where tables are mixed with language volunteers and kids.

10:00 - 12:00One-on-one Sessions

Each time you will be conversing with a different young student. There is no specific things you must talk about, but this should be interest based. We will give you some topics and material but mostly you should encourage the student to speak as much as possible. We have beautiful venues! Go and enjoy a walk in the gardens, or sit by the lake!

One-on-one session is a 60 minute session during which you will speak with a young Polish student. You can talk about anything you like and we encourage open discussion. Please ensure you are helping the young students with new words. We will provide some topics but you don’t have to follow these. You can of course take walks and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the venue. You will switch and this way meet all the different young participants.

12:00 - 14:00Group session/ Two-On-One session

Group sessions can take many forms, but typically these are creative and fun activities like creating travel posters or solving challenges. Part of the group will split into smaller groups of three (one volunteer and two kids) and these serve as another opportunity to focus on chats and conversation in an intimate, friendly format.

Two-on-one is very similar in structure to the one-on-one this 60 minute session will be between two Polish students and one native speaker. Again this provides a wonderful opportunity to focus on conversation and you can have a great discussion and debate with the kids.

We have group sessions everyday. This is a unique chance for you to work with the kids in a creative environment. The topic will alter every day and sessions can include making travel brochures, solving puzzles and much more!


Another delicious local meal! Much like the setup for breakfast, everyone sits together. At each meal seats change, which allows everyone to have different conversations with different people throughout the week.

15:00 - 16:30Free time

Time to chill and take a break! Go and rest, catch up on emails, play games – whatever you need to recharge your batteries.

16:30 - 19:30One-on-One/Two-on-one/Group sessions

After free time, the schedule will continue in the same way as in the morning.

19:30 - 20:30Dinner

Finally time for some food! Like the other meal times you’ll sit with new friends.

20:30 - 21:30Entertainment Hour

Time to have some real FUN! During this time we come together as a group and enjoy ourselves. Games, music, trivia, performances and much more!

Entertainment hour is all about relaxing and having fun. In teams and groups people will take part in a variety of games and other summer camp styled activities. We’ve had people put on talent shows, trivia sessions and also musical performances.

21:30 - 22:30Social time

It’s been a long day and now if you want you can socialize and chat without any timetables. Hang out with the team and the kids, or if you’re tired you can go and get some shut eye.

Watch the videos to learn more about the experience

Nativesworld package includes:

  • Shared accommodation for 7-14 days in a comfortable hotel
  • 3 meals a day
  • Free return transport to and from the venue
  • Free city tour incl. lunch
  • Written reference and certificate for participating
  • Welcome package
  • Onsite insurance
  • Onsite attractions such as water obstacle park, kayaks, horses
  • Free trips on the camp

NativesWorld package excludes:

  • Financial remunerationThis programme is based on volunteering experience
  • Flights and or transport to and from the city where the programme begins
  • Any accommodation before the programme and afterif you plan this on your own
  • Any visa or immigration documentationYou take on this responsibility on your own and must find out what you need for your stay in the EU/Poland
  • Travel and health insurance You will need to take the appropriate steps to ensure you are covered for the duration of your stay
  • Extra expenses such as souvenirs, snacks and drinks at the hotel, during your programme stay

Explore new places

Central and Eastern Europe contains a rich texture of history and culture. When you arrive we will give you a welcoming tour which will enrich your experience on your journey.

Improve teaching skills

Teaching is something immensely rewarding and will help you grow as a person no matter what field you go into later.

Share your life with locals

You will meet local kids and teens, and get to know how they live and what their views are. You’ll also work in an international team with people from around the world.

Travel flexible

Our summer camps are unique and you can volunteer with us for 7 days or even 14! Whatever fits into your schedule.
Dates & Venues
Teach English and/or German
Obóz językowy z native speakerami w Cieszynie koło Złocieńca

Germantown Camp – English and German teaching opportunity

Dates: 27 June – 04 July

English & German Native Speakers

Venue: Pałac w Cieszynie

Teach English and/or Spanish
Obóz z językowy native speakerami w Cieszynie koło Złocieńca

California Camp – English and Spanish teaching opportunity

Dates: 04 – 11 July

English & Spanish Native Speakers

Venue: Pałac w Cieszynie

Teach English and/or Spanish
Obóz z językowy native speakerami w Cierszewie koło Płocka

Western Camp – English and Spanish teaching opportunity

Dates: 12 – 19 July

English & Spanish Native Speakers

Venue: Cierszewo

Teach English
Obóz z językowy native speakerami w Kobylnikach koło Kruszwicy

Ivy Camp – English teaching opportunity

Dates: 19 – 26 July

English Native Speakers

Venue: Palace Kobylniki

Teach English
Obóz językowy w Pałacu w Kobylnikach

Hogworlds Camp – English teaching opportunity

Dates: 26 July – 02 August

English Native Speakers

Venue: Palace Kobylniki


In order for you to be considered you must satisfy these requirements:

  • You are aged between 18-35 years old
  • Are a native English speaker or have bilingual fluency (this will be checked in your interview)
  • For our Spanish and German programmes you must be a native speaker of a Spanish or German speaking country
  • Have completed High School or the equivalent in your home country
  • Have impeccable personal qualities (adaptability, maturity)
  • Possess good communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and are ready to face and overcome challenges, you’re patient and positive
  • You enjoy new things, and enjoy a diverse range of hobbies
  • Have a clean police record (this will need to be verified)
  • You take a keen interest in meeting people and learning about new cultures
  • Have passion and a great story to tell!

What is expected of me?

  • When you join the Nativesworld teaching experience you will be involved in a full language immersion experience with local young learners unlike anything you’ve ever participated in.Most of the sessions are conversation-based programmes during which you will help local kids and teens improve their English. The way it works is primarily through a series of one-to-one and small group conversations, games and activities. The camps are an intensive mental experience, and you may have to speak for as much as 10 hours per day with a variety of people in a relaxed setting.

Before the language camps begin

We highly recommend that you arrive at least one day before the language camp kicks off. We will have a complimentary city tour with lunch and an orientation training programme.

This will allow you to learn about the city you’re in and gain some great insight into Polish culture. Futhermore you’ll meet the other volunteer participants and the team. We also cover the schedule and give you tips and tricks on how to get the most of your time with us. With the whole tour, lunch and orientation you’ll need to be available from around 11:00- 17:30. Please remember that your accommodation is not covered for the evening after the tour/orientation. Your free accommodation begins the following day upon arrival at the Nativesworld venue. On the first day of the programme, the Nativesworld bus leaves the city meeting point between 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM depending on the location of the hotel venue. Please note that detailed information about the meeting point and exact time of departure will be sent to you 4 weeks before the programme starts.

The camp is run by a partnership of Nativesworld and a local Polish tour operator event-tours.pl share the task of organizing all volunteering activities.

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